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Ponytail Soft Knit Beanie

$19.97 $39.94



It seems as though, all of a sudden, these adorable beanies are everywhere you look, and we are loving the look of these messy-hair don't care knit hats!

They are absolutely perfect for the pony-tail lovers of the world!

The Soft Knit Beanie has a knitted or crocheted feel and it's specifically designed for long-haired folks who, undoubtedly, have struggled with the age old question: How can I wear a hat and have an up-do at the same time, because these hats are created with a hole built right into the crown.

This unique feature makes them the perfect hat to compliment that messy-bun! Each soft knit beanie is handmade and excellent quality! They also come in a large variety of colors, making it easy to find a beanie (or two) that fits your particular wardrobe!

Material: Cotton
Colors: Black,  Dark Red, White, Black&White, Grey, Red+White
Not sold in stores